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Milwaukee Workers’ Compensation Doctors

The experienced medical professionals at Wisconsin Medical Group provide top-quality support for lawyers and patients involved in work-related accidents. Our physician provides the treatment you need to return back to work and obtain the benefits owed to you. Regardless of your injury’s severity, our doctor and therapists can help. If you’ve received an inaccurate or incomplete diagnosis from a doctor, we will give you our professional second opinion. Making sure you have access to the treatment you need.

Wisconsin Medical Group meticulously follows all workers’ compensation documentation and reporting requirements.  By reporting directly to your workers’ compensation claims adjustor and your employer, our staff will limit your stress and keep you compliant as you recover.


Should I Get a Second Opinion on Workers' Compensation?

You are not obligated to accept a company or health clinic doctor’s diagnosis. If you’re currently facing a workers’ compensation case and feel you’ve been misdiagnosed, our Milwaukee area medical specialists will provide an accurate, professional second opinion. We make sure our patients receive the proper diagnosis and treatment necessary for maximum recovery. Visit our workers compensation second opinion page to learn more or schedule an appointment today.

Workers’ Compensation for Patients

In 2016 there were over 82,700 work-related injuries and illnesses reported by Wisconsin employers. WMG makes sure injured employees receive the medical treatment and full benefits they are entitled to. The doctor and therapists at Wisconsin Medical Group treat injuries related to falls, repetitive stress injuries, lacerations, overexertion, and all other work-related accidents. Contact Wisconsin Medical Group today to schedule an appointment at one of our Milwaukee clinics.

Workers' Compensation for Attorneys

Wisconsin Medical Group works closely with attorneys to make sure patients receive the medical care they are entitled to. The workers’ compensation claims process is a tangle of complexity that many clinicians don’t do well with. The entire staff at WMG understands the importance of meticulous documentation and communication throughout the entire workers’ compensation claims process. We keep medical records well-organized, and deliver paperwork and required documentation directly to your compensation claims adjuster. WMG provides all required information including. We also report directly to employers.

You focus on recovery we make sure you stay compliant.

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Workers’ Compensation Injuries

The professional staff at Wisconsin Medical Group provides medical treatment for all types of workers’ compensation injuries. Each patient is a unique case requiring accurate diagnosis and unique treatment based on maximum recovery in the shortest time frame. Regardless of your injury, we will get you out of pain and back to working order. Common work-related injuries include: