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Milwaukee Workers Compensation DoctorS

At Wisconsin Medical Group, our team of experienced physicians and medical support staff are committed to providing top-quality medical treatment to injured workers and accident victims throughout the Milwaukee metropolitan area. If you are looking for a Milwaukee workers’ compensation doctor or a Milwaukee personal injury doctor, we are here to help.

We focus on offering patients the best medical care, and we always make sure that patients have their medical records in the proper order so that they can pursue any benefits or compensation that is owed to them. Our doctors understand how confusing medical billing can be and how challenging it can be to work with insurance companies, especially opposing insurers. We frequently work with Wisconsin workers’ compensation attorneys and Wisconsin personal injury attorneys to provide medical treatment to their clients.

To schedule an appointment for yourself or your client, please do not hesitate to call us today or to fill out our online contact form. We operate five locations throughout the Milwaukee area, and our team tries to be as flexible as possible to find a fast appointment time that works well for you or your client.

What We Do

Under Wisconsin’s no-fault workers’ compensation law, the overwhelming majority of injured workers are entitled to full medical coverage for all treatment that is reasonably related to their on-the-job injury. While Wisconsin has a strong workers’ compensation law that provides critically important protections to injured workers, the reality is far more complicated, and it is not always easy for people to access the full benefits available to them.

In many cases, injured Wisconsin workers run into challenges from overly aggressive insurance companies. This is no secret to workers’ compensation lawyers, who understand the system better than anyone else. Unfortunately, many doctors are simply not prepared to handle the unique challenges that come with workers’ compensation claims. Even though some of these doctors do a great job treating patients, they fail to handle medical records and paperwork properly, creating major problems for injured workers.

This is what separates the Milwaukee workers’ compensation doctors at Wisconsin Medical Group apart from ordinary medical professionals. Our workers’ compensation physicians have a deep understanding of the work injury claims process. We provide comprehensive medical services to our patients so they are able to make a full physical recovery. We also create well-organized medical records for every patient, making sure that the documents satisfy the insurance company requirements, allowing Wisconsin workers to access the full benefits that are owed to them under the law.

Milwaukee Personal Injury Doctors

Under Wisconsin law, injured victims are entitled to recover full and fair financial compensation from the defendant who was at fault for their accident. As Milwaukee personal injury lawyers know, well-organized medical records can be the difference between a full personal injury settlement and a difficult, drawn-out case.

Our highly experienced Milwaukee personal injury doctors have a full understanding of the claims process. Unfortunately, many doctors fail to take proper care when providing medical services and handling patient records. In some cases, this makes it difficult for injured victims to effectively pursue their legal case. Not all doctors are equipped to provide injured victims the care that they need to ensure that they will be able to get a full personal injury settlement.

We know how insurance companies operate, and we understand that injured victims need both high-quality medical treatment and a detailed, fully accurate paper trail. At Wisconsin Medical Group, our Milwaukee personal injury doctors stand apart from the crowd. We work closely with attorneys to ensure that victims not only get the medical care required to make the best possible recovery, but that all paperwork and medical records are processed properly so that innocent victims do not end up on the hook for their own bills when they should have a viable claim. If you or your client was severely injured in an accident in Milwaukee, you need treatment from a doctor who will protect your health, your safety, and preserve your ability to bring a legal claim.

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At Wisconsin Medical Group, we are proud to provide compassionate, high-quality care to our patients. If you were injured on the job, hurt in an accident, or are an attorney for an injured victim, please do not hesitate to contact our team of doctors today to schedule an appointment.

With offices in downtown Milwaukee, northwest Milwaukee, Glendale, West Allis, and Bay View, we offer medical services to patients throughout the Milwaukee metropolitan area, including in Racine County, Waukesha County, Washington County and Ozaukee County.