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Milwaukee Personal Injury Doctors

The personal injury board-certified medical doctor at Wisconsin Medical Group treats patients with upper extremity, lower extremity, back, torso, and head injuries. Our doctor provides independent medical exams and professional second opinions regardless of the severity of injury. When full recovery is not possible Milwaukee Medical Group assesses and documents the loss of use and permanency of the injury.  Years partnering with many Milwaukee metro area law firms, means we understand how the idiosyncrasies of the personal injury claims process work. Working with you and your attorney, our medical doctor and physical therapists provide the treatment and documentation you need to be fully compensated.  Wisconsin Medical Group provides permanency reports and expert medical witness testimony when parties can’t agree overcompensation.

You have the right to be treated by the doctor of your choice in Wisconsin.


Second Opinion for Milwaukee Personal Injuries

If you have had a physical examination after a personal injury and feel you’ve been given an inaccurate or incomplete diagnosis, you need a second opinion. Wisconsin Medical Group provides expert injury assessments and second opinions, regardless of the nature of injury. Thorough examination and a complete, accurate diagnosis are critical in order to receive short-term treatment, long-term treatment, and the compensation you need to be made as whole as possible. Get a second opinion from a WMG physician.

Common Personal Injury Cases

Our Milwaukee doctor and physical therapists regularly treat a wide variety of personal injury cases. Whether you’ve been injured in a car accident, at work, or by recklessness or negligence in another situation, WMG provides the treatment injured Milwaukeeans need to recover. Achieving a fair personal injury settlement won’t happen without a Medical doctor’s injury assessment expert testimony. Our medical professionals make sure your injuries are accurately diagnosed and documented guarantying the best possible outcome for your personal injury claim. If you’ve been injured in an accident, our five convenient Milwaukee area clinics make getting the help, treatment, and expert diagnosis as painless as possible.

Common Personal Injuries

And other catastrophic injuries

Doctor and Therapists who Understand Personal Injury Claims

Wisconsin Medical Group’s Milwaukee-based personal injury physician has provided expert treatment and documentation for many accident victims who needed to file a personal injury claim. We provide patients accurate diagnosis, compassionate professional medical treatment, and the meticulous documentation required for the best outcome of their personal injury claim. Our personal injury doctor and clerical staff acutely understand the reporting insurance the legal system and insurance companies require for full compensation of the injured. You focus on recovery our doctor, therapists, and clinic staff report to and provide your attorney injury documentation, permanency reporting required to preserve your legal rights.