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Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury Second Opinions

The medical doctor and orthopedic physical therapists at Wisconsin Medical Group provide second opinions for all nature of worker’s compensation and personal injury cases. A second opinion from our Milwaukee area doctor is critical if you feel you’ve been inaccurately or misdiagnosed. Wisconsin Statutes provide you the right to choose your own medical doctor and physical therapist when you have a Worker’s compensation claim.  You are also entitled a second opinion. An expert Milwaukee workers’ compensation or personal injury doctor second opinion is easy, contact WMG today


Second Opinion for Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Cases

If you’ve been injured at work in Wisconsin, you have the right to refuse treatment from any doctor. This includes any doctor your employer provides or recommends. An accurate diagnosis is critical to receiving proper medical care. Injured workers also need a proper diagnosis in order to get their case through the workers’ compensation claims process. If you, your loved one, or client has been hurt on the job, a second opinion from the Milwaukee worker’s compensation doctors at WMG may be the difference between getting appropriate treatment or not.  While you focus on healing, our staff communicates directly with your workman’s compensation claims adjustor and employer.

Get a Second Opinion from a Personal Injury Specialist

Whether you sustained a personal injury in a car accident or through recklessness or negligence, a professional medical second opinion from the personal injury specialists at Wisconsin Medical Group is crucial for you to receive full compensation. Honest and accurate diagnosis allows you to receive the medical care you need to recover. Our physician understands and often provides expert testimony in personal injury claims.  Accurate injury diagnosis and documentation coupled with unparalleled communication help your attorney achieve you best possible outcome.  Our doctor and physical therapists help you recover while preserving your legal rights. Contact our Milwaukee clinics right now to schedule an appointment.

Common Injuries Requiring Second Opinions

At Wisconsin Medical Group we provide second opinions for any injury. Whether you’ve been injured on the job, in a car accident, through repetitive use, or in any personal injury situation, it’s a second opinion that will either confirm your original diagnosis or accurately document your injuries and their long-term impact. Common injuries requiring a second opinion include: