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Wisconsin Auto Injury Doctor

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the top causes of injuries in Wisconsin. According to data collected by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, approximately 45,000 people are injured in traffic collisions in the state every year. For the victim, an auto accident injury can cause tremendous physical pain and severe financial disruption. 

  • At Wisconsin Medical Group, our skilled Wisconsin auto injury doctors have extensive experience treating patients who were injured in auto accidents. What separates us from other medical professionals is that we work directly with personal injury attorneys. Our auto accident injury doctors will ensure that your clients receive the best medical care and that all documents and records are handled properly so that you can pursue an effective legal claim on their behalf.

Injured Victims Deserve High-Quality Medical Care

Wisconsin Auto Injury Doctor | Wisconsin Medical GroupFollowing a serious auto accident, an injured victim needs professional medical attention. Without medical treatment, it will be impossible to pursue a personal injury claim. Unfortunately, not all doctors are well-equipped to treat car accident victims. Indeed, many medical professionals are hesitant to work with auto accident victims at all. They do not want to deal with complicated insurance issues. Additionally, many physicians have limited experience treating the most common car accident injuries, such as whiplash, scarring, broken bones, and head injuries. Our Milwaukee auto injury doctors offer the best care. 

Work With a Wisconsin Doctor Who Understands Auto Accident Claims

Wisconsin Auto Injury Doctor | Wisconsin Medical GroupCar accident victims may be entitled to recover financial compensation through a personal injury claim. A claim may be filed against the injured victim’s own insurance company or it may be filed against another defendant’s insurance carrier. In either circumstance, pursuing full and fair financial compensation for a client can be challenging. Unfortunately, as many Wisconsin car accident lawyers know well, too many doctors make the claims process even more difficult. 


  • Sloppy record-keeping and other mistakes by medical professionals are a serious problem for plaintiffs. Not only do these errors create a hassle for injured victims and their lawyers, but they could even undermine a personal injury claim. Insurance companies look for any excuse in the book to reduce or deny compensation. 
  • Our Milwaukee car accident injury doctors have considerable experience treating patients who currently pursuing or are considering pursuing personal injury claims. We know the importance of keeping comprehensive and accurate medical records. Further, our Milwaukee auto injury doctors work directly with our patients’ attorneys to ensure that they are getting the right treatment and that their case is being handled properly.

Schedule an Appointment With a Milwaukee Car Accident Injury Doctor

At Wisconsin Medical Group, we are committed to providing exceptional health care services to patients in Milwaukee and throughout the surrounding communities. By working directly with car accident injury lawyers, our physicians help to ensure that patients get the best medical and that they are properly positioned to bring a legal claim. To request a confidential medical appointment for yourself or your client, please do not hesitate to contact us today.