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Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury Physician for Attorneys

Wisconsin Medical Group helps workers’ compensation and personal injury lawyers achieve the proper medical attention and compensation their clients need.  Our clinicians understand the importance of proper documentation and management of medical records.  Working directly with workers’ compensation case adjusters, employers, and attorneys, we submit all paperwork keeping patients compliant. WMG provides impeccable medical diagnostics and therapeutic care. Our staff, attentive to every detail, provides timely, comprehensive medical reporting required for a workers’ compensation or personal injury claim. We stay involved enabling patients to achieve Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) after being injured on the job or by someone’s negligence.


Milwaukee Personal Injury Doctors

If you’re preparing a personal injury claim, the professionals at Wisconsin Medical Group are here to help. Our doctor is experienced in helping attorneys representing personal injury accident victims put together and preserve medical evidence required to achieve maximum recovery. Every WMG patient receives an accurate diagnosis, even in second opinion situations, quickly. Our staff handles all insurance company required paperwork and follows all medical record reporting law firms require. WMG’s medical doctor provides permanency and loss of use evaluations and expert testimony in the event your case goes to trial.

Independent Medical Exams for Workers Compensation Injuries

An independent medical exam done by Wisconsin Medical Group is an accurate, non-bias diagnosis of their workers’ compensation injury. When your client is injured at work, receiving medical attention needed to recover from their injury requires an accurate diagnosis and appropriate care, not overtreatment. WMG is here to help get your client appropriate medical attention as soon as today. Schedule an appointment today.

Southeast Wisconsin Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Our highly skilled team of workers compensation physical therapists and personal injury doctor will diagnose your client accurately and assist recovery with physical therapy. Whether they’ve been injured in a car accident or fell at work, our experienced staff provides the therapeutic medical treatment required to get them back to good working order. Professional second opinions assure injury cases are not under or over-treated. If you’re looking to submit a workers’ compensation or personal injury claim, we are happy to review your client’s medical records.