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Although workplace safety has continued to improve over the years, too many job sites endanger the health and safety of employees. Statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that almost 3 million workplace illnesses and injuries were reported in 2016. Although the number declined by about 50,000 from the year before, the injury rate is still uncomfortably high, at 2.9 cases per 100 full-time workers.

If you are an attorney who represents injured clients, whether in a workers’ compensation or personal injury case, you need an experienced physician who can treat your client and properly document his or her injuries.

When a client visits an attorney to discuss receiving compensation after an accident, you know they will need solid evidence that underscores the scope and severity of their impairment. This means that your client must meet with a doctor who is sufficiently responsive to their concerns and who will carefully document the entire injury.   

At Wisconsin Medical Group, our West Allis workers’ compensation doctors have helped injured workers for years. We provide top-shelf care to those in pain, allowing them to heal and return to work as soon as possible. We also know how the workers’ compensation system works and can make sure that our medical records and progress reports contain all the information they should.


Don’t Rely on the “Independent” Medical Examination (IME)

An employer’s insurance carrier, as part of its investigation, might send your client to a doctor for an independent medical exam. These exams are anything but “independent”. Instead, insurance carriers handpick the doctor who they know will minimize any patient injuries and issue a report very favorable to the insurance company.

Sometimes, novice attorneys trust that the IME will be fair or wrongly believe that they can undermine it by pointing out the business relationship between the insurance carrier and the physician. Unfortunately, your clients need much more than that. They will need evidence that corroborates their injury from a credible medical professional, like those who work at Wisconsin Medical Group.

Treatment for Personal Injuries

We also have extensive experience treating patients injured in car accidents, truck accidents, and slip and falls. Our doctors have worked closely with personal injury attorneys to fully document their client’s injuries so that they can pursue compensation in the form of a settlement or lawsuit.

A key component of personal injury cases is pain and suffering, which Wisconsin law allows accident victims to receive compensation for. Some jurors are skeptical about whether plaintiffs are really in pain. At Wisconsin Medical Group, we can document your client’s pain in our medical records so there is contemporaneous proof that your client is suffering. These medical records can be persuasive, allowing your client to convince skeptical jurors that their pain is real and long-lasting. As a result, you can maximize your client’s financial recovery.

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