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Workplace accidents remain far too common in our region. According to the most recent data provided by the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene, there were 82,700 work-related injuries and illnesses reported by employers in Wisconsin in 2016. While there have been improvements in worker safety over the last decade, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services reports that our state’s work injury rate remains significantly higher than the national average. In fact, Wisconsin has one of the highest work injury rates in the country.

At Wisconsin Medical Group, our skilled Milwaukee workers’ compensation doctors have extensive experience providing top-quality medical care to people who were injured on the job. We also have a comprehensive understanding of the Wisconsin workers’ compensation claims process. Our physicians are prepared to provide you the treatment that you need so that you can protect your health and obtain the full benefits owed to you.

If you were injured on the job in Milwaukee, we are prepared to help. We also frequently work closely with attorneys. If you are a workers’ compensation attorney who needs a qualified physician for your client, please do not hesitate to reach out to the medical professionals at Wisconsin Medical Group.

Workplace Injuries Our Physician Handle

Our Milwaukee workers’ compensation lawyers have provided treatment to employees with many different job-related injuries. No matter the nature or severity of your work injury, our doctors are ready to assist you. Some of the most common worker injuries that we see include:

  • Fall accident injuries;
  • Overexertion injuries, including muscle strains;
  • Broken and fractured bones;
  • Back and neck injuries;
  • Facial injuries, including vision damage and hearing loss;
  • Concussion and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs);
  • Repetitive stress injuries (RSIs);
  • Occupational illness and disease;
  • Spinal cord damage; and
  • Catastrophic injuries.

Wisconsin Workers Have a Right to Choose their Doctor

Under Wisconsin’s workers’ compensation regulations, injured employees have a right to seek medical assistance from their choice of doctors. When a victim first seeks medical treatment, they do not need to go to a physician that is selected by the insurance company. Later on in the process, the insurer may require an injured worker to undergo an ‘independent medical evaluation’ (IME) from a doctor that they select. Of course, as all Wisconsin workers’ compensation lawyers know, these so-called independent medical evaluations are usually stacked against the worker. When possible, it is advisable to get a claim resolved without an IME being requested.

This is why it is so important that you or your client selects a highly competent Milwaukee workers’ compensation doctor early on in the process. A doctor who has a deep understanding of the workers’ compensation claims system can help your client both get the treatment they need and prepare the medical records to prove that this treatment is necessary and covered under Wisconsin’s workers’ compensation insurance program.

You Need a Milwaukee Doctor Who Understands the Personal Injury Claims Process

The workers’ compensation claims process is incredibly complex. Our doctors know how difficult it can be for injured workers to get the full medical benefits that are owed to them under state law. We understand the importance of keeping medical records well-organized and filling out the paperwork in a manner that is satisfactory to the insurance company. When you work with our Milwaukee workers’ compensation doctors, you can be sure that:

  • Your client will receive high-quality medical care;
  • Your client will get guidance from doctors who understand Wisconsin workers’ compensation claims;
  • Your client will receive ongoing care and support, including all necessary physical therapy and rehabilitative treatment;
  • Your client will get comprehensive medical reports that are accurate, timely, and drafted in a manner that is consistent with workers’ compensation requirements; and
  • Your client’s legal claim will not be undermined by poor medical care or sloppy paperwork.  

Finally, our Milwaukee workers’ compensation physicians make sure that we stay involved with our patients. We will ensure that we can get your injured client in for all their follow up appointments so that timely progress reports are available and the injured worker can reach Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI).

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At Wisconsin Medical Group, our dedicated workers’ compensation physicians are committed to providing top-quality medical care to all of our patients. We have offices in Downtown Milwaukee, Northwest Milwaukee, Northeast Milwaukee, Bay View, and West Allis. If you are ready to schedule a workers’ compensation medical appointment for yourself or your client, please do not hesitate to call our office today or to fill out our online appointment request form.