When Should You See a Doctor For a Foot Injury?

When Should You See a Doctor For a Foot Injury? | Wisconsin Medical GroupFoot injuries can be especially frustrating to deal with. Not only are foot injuries challenging to diagnose, but they can be extremely painful — even debilitating. If you suffered a serious foot injury, please remember: it is much better to see a doctor sooner rather than later. You can never be too careful with a foot injury. Early intervention is one of the keys to successfully treating and healing foot pain.

If you sustained a foot injury in an accident caused by another party, you should schedule an appointment with a Milwaukee personal injury doctor for legal professionals. Your physician will ensure that your foot injury is properly treated and that your medical records are correctly handled so that you can get access to the maximum financial compensation.

The Most Common Types of Foot Injuries

When Should You See a Doctor For a Foot Injury? | Wisconsin Medical GroupFoot injuries can occur in a number of different ways — from motor vehicle collisions to slip and fall accidents. In addition, there are several types of foot injuries. It is not always easy for the untrained eye to figure out exactly why foot pain is occurring. Our Milwaukee, WI physicians have the skills and medical expertise needed to treat patients suffering from:



  • A broken foot;
  • Stress fractures;
  • Broken toes;
  • Turf toe;
  • Plantar fasciitis;
  • Heel spurs;
  • Lower ankle injuries;
  • Foot infections; and
  • Many more types of foot injuries.

No matter the nature of your injury, the best way you can protect your health is to seek medical attention as soon as possible. If your foot is causing you significant pain or is reducing your mobility in any matter, you need to see a doctor.  

Chronic Foot Pain Requires a Professional Medical Evaluation

When Should you See a Doctor For a Foot Injury? | Wisconsin Medical GroupThere are many symptoms associated with foot injuries. You may be dealing with severe bruising, substantial swelling, numbness, throbbing pain, tenderness, or general weakness. Do not assume that you are fine simply because you can still walk or because you are still able to put some weight on your foot.

As noted by the Mayo Clinic, it is not uncommon for people to be able to walk with a serious foot injury — even a broken foot. If you are dealing with foot pain, medical treatment is a must. Simply put, foot injuries do not recover well on their own. Every time you stand up, you are putting a considerable amount of weight on your injury. Not only does this prevent an effective recovery, but it can also exacerbate the existing injury. A doctor who has experience treating foot injuries will be able to diagnose your condition and create a proper treatment plan so that you can make a full physical recovery.

Set Up an Appointment With an Experienced Physician

At Wisconsin Medical Group, our Milwaukee personal injury doctors know how to treat the full range of foot injuries. Our physicians often work directly with personal injury lawyers, helping to ensure that patients can get access to all available financial benefits. To request an appointment, please contact us today. With offices throughout the region, we serve patients in Milwaukee, Glendale, and West Allis.